6th Session of the Provincial Synod (2016–2020)

First and second Extraordinary  Provincial  Synod Meeting

The 6th Session of the Provincial Synod Meeting was held at Hilton Hotel, Kuching,  Sarawak from 23rd to 25th September 2019.

The Extraordinary Synod Meeting was held to elect the new Archbishop of the Primate of Anglican Church, South East Asia for the tenure  from February 2020 to February 2024 to replace Archbishop and Primate , the Most Rev’d  Datuk Ng Moon Hing.

Hosted by the Diocese of Kuching, the meeting began on the afternoon of Monday 23rd September at 2.30pm with the House of Bishops Meeting.

This was followed by the opening Service at 5.00pm which was attended by the Primate Archbishop  Datuk Ng Moon Hing,  Bishop Danald Jute,  Diocese of Kuching (Sarawak and Brunei Darussalam), Bishop Datuk  Melter Tais , Diocese of Sabah and Bishop Rennis Ponniah, Diocese of Singapore and the appointed delegates from the Provinces.

Before the Holy Communion Service, Bishop Danald welcomed all present  and gave thanks for the safe arrival of all to the Synod meeting and the guidance of the Holy Spirit for the whole Session of the Synod . Praise and Worship  from St. Faith Parish team followed .  Bishop Danald was the celebrant with Archbishop Datuk Ng Moon Hing  preaching the sermon.

The 1st Scripture reading was read by Archdeacon Rev’d Andrew Paha of the Upper Southern  Archdeaconry according to the Old Testament  ‘EZRA 1: 1-7’.

The 2nd Scripture reading was read by Asst. Bishop the Rt. Rev’d Nelson Ugas  on the Gospel  St. Luke 8:16 ‘No one lights a lamp and hides it in a jar or put it under a bed. Instead, he puts it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light’ .

The Primate Archbishop, the Most Rev’d Datuk Ng Moon Hing  preached on St. Luke 8:16 and Ezra 1:1-7. In his sermon, he described our Lord Jesus Christ as the Lamp that brought Light to the world, otherwise we would live in a world of Darkness. He added that God can used even the pagan (gentile) to build the Temple in Jerusalem  citing King Cyrus as a good example. So Christians must remember and keep the Words of God in their heart to stay in the light.



Canon James Juhari  prayed for intercession. Thereafter, Bishop Danald proceeded with the Holy Communion Service by reciting the Liturgy and followed by the partaking of the Holy Communion.


Archbishop Datuk Ng Moon Hing recited the dismissal  and the last hymn was sung.