Consecration Service For The Appointment Of Rev’d Jackson As Archdeacon on 12.1.2020

Consecration Service For The Appointment Of Rev’d Jackson Jarau anak Unggin As Archdeacon For Central Archdeaconry on 12.1.2020

The Consecration Service for the appointment of Rev’d Jackson Jarau anak Unggin as Archdeacon for the Central Archdeaconry was held at the St. Thomas’s Cathedral Kuching during the Evensong service on Sunday, 12th January, 2020 at 5pm.

Bishop of the Diocese of Kuching, the Right Rev’d Danald Jute carried out the Consecration Service and was the celebrant during the Holy Communion Service. His preaching was on Isaiah 42:1-9, Acts of Apostles 10:34-43 and the Gospel of St. Matthew 3:13-end.

During the Consecration Service, the Bishop invited Rev’d Jackson Jarau anak Unggin to read the pledge as Archdeacon for Central Archdeaconry witnessed by the Diocesan Registrar before signing the letter of appointment. In attendance to witness the ceremony was the Archdeacon of the Upper Southern Archdeaconry, Rev’d Andrew S. Paha and Archdeacon of the Lower Southern Archdeaconry, Rev’d Jose Jol Endru.

The ceremony ended with the family of Archdeacon Rev’d Jackson Jarau celebrating with him on his appointment at the Chancel.

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